Holidays…. nice days?

1 week holiday from my course.

Time to relax, enjoy the confortable (and warm) sofa, hot chocolate, prepare the wardrobe for the winter … humm so cosy : ) Wel… life in a blog can really be  so wonderful!!

The real thing:

A lot of projects from my course to get ready, study, study and study. Family (not mine) visiting, think, think and think again how to make more money, fitness and…. HOT CHOCOLATE.

Happy halloween!!!!

till next time, até mais!


It has been quite a while.

I know, It has been quite a while ago when I wrote on this blog. Quite busy time over here. School has started again and then I got sick and It was my birthday and then it was summer (again?!) and so on …

I just want to do good at this semester at my course. It’s very hard because although I’m more familiar with dutch (humm I don’t think this sentence sounds correct), its still difficult to understand things at the moment they are being said.

By the way I had wonderful gifts at my birthday. I just feel so blessed by so many good things around me. I got myself asking almost everyday where on earth I deserve all this : )

So now that fall has finally come. Its time to make some wishes right? Im really doubting about buying this:

But not on these colours. I would rather choose somethin more peachy. I think I have nothing yellowish on my closet.

So that’s it for today. I hope you liked!