Day 1

Well, I decided to join the challenge as I’ve mentioned on the previous post and yesterday, 29/04, was day nr 1 : )

What I’ve done:

I’ve wrote down my measurements. (how bad!!!!!!!!!) It made me sad, and at the same time it gave me more than ever the “click” that I need to change my style of life.

workout: 30 min elliptical (at home) + 20 min cleaning the house.

What I ate:

Bad start I would say, but this is one of my favorites belgium snacks. I have to admit that dieting is not really my cup of tea. What I’ve tried the past 8 months since I’m back from Brazil its to reduce the amount of the portions that I eat and like this I’ve lost 5 kg. I’m stuck but I’m also taking medication that doesn’t help me at all to lose weight.

But I really like this idea to do my best, for at least, 30 days.

Beijos xxx