Merry Christmas!!

I wish you all the best!!



What a beautiful thing…

I’ve just loved the combination of colors that Olivia Wilde is wearing on her make up and her blouse. Isn’t it beautiful?

Eu amei essa combinação de cores que a Olivia Wilde esta usando na maquiagem e na roupa. Ela arrasou, não?

It’s so delicate but at the same time so chic! I think this is a nice idea for make up for Christmas and New Year’s eve. I love it!!!!

E tão delicado mas ao mesmo tempo tão chic!!! EU acho que é uma otima ideia de maquiagem para as festas de fim de ano que estão se aproximando. Eu adorei a potência elevado a 10!!!! : )


John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray (first impressions)

Once I’ve seen on the blog Dia de beauté a very nice product that would help me to get my hair the colour I’ve always wanted:

Quando eu vi no blog Dia de beauté esse produto, eu pensei que poderia ser a solução para dar uma cor legal no meu cabelo sem parecer falso:

After 3 times my hair is like this:

Depois de usar 3 vezes, meu cabelo ficou assim:

Im really liking it!! And my hair is light brown, what is not advisable to use.

I hope you liked it!

Eu estou adorando. Embora meu cabelo seja castanho -claro, esta surgindo efeitos!!


Flower perfection Bourjois

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently bought a new foundation: Flower perfection from Bourjois. Price:€  14.90

Olhem so a novissima base da bourjois que comprei. Preço: € 14.90.

It promises a smooth an beautified complexion up to 16 hours!! Well, I have another foundation from bourjois: the healthy mix and I love it!!! So as soon as I found this on the store I couldn’t resist. Normally I use more liquid foundation on fall and winter and I was searching one that would give me more coverage.

A bourjois promete uma pele lisa e mais bonita por até 16 horas!! Bem, eu tenho a base Healthy mix e a adoro!! Então não poderia deixar de lado esse lançamento. Normalmente eu uso mais base no outono e inverno e eu estava atras de uma base que proporcionasse uma cobertura maior que a Healthy mix.

It says that it has a matte finish but I don’t agree at all with it. It does has a better coverage than Healthy mix foundation but this one also leaves a little ( towards light) glow. Nice!!!

No vidrinho vem informando que tem um acabamento mate mas eu não concordo. Essa base tem uma cobertura maior que a Healthy mix mas o acabamento eu diria que é semi-mate, ou seja, deixa um pouquinho de glow se vc olhar diretamente contra uma fonte de luz. Maravilhosa!!

This is shade 53. This is one is darker than healthy mix because I do think sometimes the healthy mix nr. 52  leaves my face a little bit to “white” .So it’s  impossible to use it during the summer.

Essa é a cor 53. Eu escolhi desta vez um cor mais escura porque as vezes acho que a cor 52 da Healthy mix me deixa branca demais. Sendo impossivel de usa-la no verão.

And this is how it looks like a little bit blended over on my skin:

E aqui a base espalhada:

I’ll do a review om my face, but for the moment I’m having such a terrible cold. That in fact it should be nice to show the power of this foundation but I simply can, it’s a really terrible cold.

Farei um post no qual mostrarei a base no meu rosto, mas no momento não rola. Estou com um hiper mega ultra resfriado e unica coisa que faço é espirrar. Esperam que tenham gostado!!

I hope you liked it !!


Holidays…. nice days?

1 week holiday from my course.

Time to relax, enjoy the confortable (and warm) sofa, hot chocolate, prepare the wardrobe for the winter … humm so cosy : ) Wel… life in a blog can really be  so wonderful!!

The real thing:

A lot of projects from my course to get ready, study, study and study. Family (not mine) visiting, think, think and think again how to make more money, fitness and…. HOT CHOCOLATE.

Happy halloween!!!!

till next time, até mais!

Sunny day over here

Yeah, from the Sun I can’t complain. It is present.

Yesterday I’ve been to the cinema and when we got out of the cinema’s complex, it was
already so damn cold (is 9° C damn cold for you?). It’s unbelievable but
everytime autumn arrives I completely forget how cold it can be!!

Another thing about autumn is that I get more thoughtful during these days. Well since
its not so long time ago that I’ve first experienced autumn, I consider this
pretty normal, but I hate it. Why do I have to keep thinking how (somehow) my life
is boring here, how alone I am… For the past 2 years I got the closest to what
is called a depression. The  doctor even
prescribed some stuff but I didn’t want that, at least not yet. So I’ve took
some vitamins, yeah sometimes this helps, and I’ve put myself together and I’ve
moved on. But I have to say it’s pretty damn hard. I’m alone here. I mean
besides my boyfriend I have nobody that I can rely on and this scares me. I
want to have friends, but why everybody seems so superficial? I want a family,
well my real family lives about 12 000 km far from me, and, no offense to the Belgium
traditions, but I just can’t understand them sometimes.

At school, I’m doing great, at least I hope, but It’s so boring sometimes, especially
the way they give less. But ok, enough about complaining, I’m happy I’m
learning new stuff and more practical stuff that I’m sure it will be useful at
a future job. Though not easy. And learning French? Oh my god, I really have to
learn it alone!!! And I have nobody to practice it. Vous parlez français?

And the glamourous (finally) part of the post: I’ve bought the icon item of my
autumn/winter wardrobe:

Mine is black!!! This is from only availabre in Belgium and the Netherlands?

Do you like it?

Comming up on next posts: my new lap top, my diet progress and Clinique has surprised me again…

Till next, Beijos!

It has been quite a while.

I know, It has been quite a while ago when I wrote on this blog. Quite busy time over here. School has started again and then I got sick and It was my birthday and then it was summer (again?!) and so on …

I just want to do good at this semester at my course. It’s very hard because although I’m more familiar with dutch (humm I don’t think this sentence sounds correct), its still difficult to understand things at the moment they are being said.

By the way I had wonderful gifts at my birthday. I just feel so blessed by so many good things around me. I got myself asking almost everyday where on earth I deserve all this : )

So now that fall has finally come. Its time to make some wishes right? Im really doubting about buying this:

But not on these colours. I would rather choose somethin more peachy. I think I have nothing yellowish on my closet.

So that’s it for today. I hope you liked!


If you wanna be rich….

You’ve got to be a bitch.

Wel, It would be easy if it would be a course out there teaching you how to become a bitch. And then yeah, how higher the grade the better bitch you are! While there are no courses available, I’m thinking about making a check-list plan to turn myself into a bitch in 1 year. And maybe I’ll share it on my posts over here, and maybe I’ll turn it into a book and get rich and guess what? I would get rich thanks to the BITCHES!!!

Im writing all this because Im pissed. It seems that Im surrounded by bitches. The lowest level bitches!!! But it seems that in the end they always get what they want, so I think I ‘ve got to be a bitch, so simple isnt it?

BTW, totally different subject… you know the best thing of having birthday on a monday? You can celebrate the whole weekend + monday : ) great isn’t it?


This is my favorite brand for skin care. Every product I’ve bought till now I don’t have any regret.

Vichy é a minha marca favorita para tratamento de pele. Eu não tenho o que reclamar de todos os produtos que eu ja comprei deles.

The range normaderm is on my daily skin care for more than 2 years and its the only one that was able to “understand” my troublesome skin. I dont use the whole range but the essencials:

Eu ja uso a linha normaderm a mais de 2 anos e foi a unica que até agora conseguiu entender minha pele. Eu não uso todos os produtos da linha, somente os essenciais no meu caso:

The Deep cleaning gel and the exfoliating version of it. Vichy has developed a new formula that would make even the ones with the most sensitive skin happy. I can talk about the difference: softer skin

O gel de limpeza facil e a versão exfoliante. A Vichy acabou de desenvolver uma formula nova, especialmente para as pessoas com a pele super sensivel. Como eu ja sei, eu  posso falar: a pele fica ainda mais macia.

And this is not the only news from Vichy: They have also thought about adults who suffer with acne and developed a product that would help on both problems:

E a Vichy tem mais novidades (pelo menos aqui na continente europeu). Eles desenvolveram um anti-idades da normaderm. Então agora quem tem acne e ja é adulto vai poder cuidar dos 2 problemas de uma so vez:

Ins’t this nice? This is definitely a brand that is working hard to satisfy the consumers.

And just something more about Vichy (and NO this is not a sponsored post) have you ever heard about the range Dercos? I saw it another day at the drugstore then I went to the website and  made a kind of hair diagnosis. The fact is that since I’m living here in europe I’m loosing more hair then when I lived in Brazil so I decided to search for help. Maybe a little bit late, but I hope this shampoo will minimize my problem wich is not that bad but it does disturbs me. This is the shampoo that I should buy (I’ve already bought) according with the hair diagnosis on the website:

E mais uma coisinha sobre a Vichy ( não eu não tenho patrocinio da Vichy ta?) Voce ja ouviu falar da linha Dercos? Eu vi outro dia quando estava de passagem pela farmacia, entrei no site e fiz um “diagnostico do cabelo”. A verdade é que desde que comecei a morar aqui meu cabelo vem caindo, não é assim queda da cabelo terrivel sabe, mas me incomoda bastante. Então voltei a farmacia e comprei o xampu que eles recomendam no site:

I hope this will give more life to my hair. And help against more hair loss. So I’ll try to post the evolution of this “treatment” if I can say like that.

Vamos ver no que da ne? Eu postarei fotos aqui da evolução do uso do xampu. Espero que assim meu cabelo ganhe mais vida.

Espero que tenham gostado

I hope you liked,



Once I’ve heard that the best accessory that you can wear are healthy teeth:

Beautiful teeth suit every make up, every nice outfit and makes one’s mouth more kissable 🙂 . No Im not studing to be a dentist, I’ve just come back from the dentist and I feel so happy to see my teeth healthy and clean!!! And you have to know that I have a dentist phobia. Im always making all kind of excuses to not go to the dentist.

So, last week I was about to buy a very nice lipstick from Dior and then I looked into the mirror and I said to myself: no way! First a dentist’s visit and then I may buy a beautiful and luxe lipstick. How about you, are you afraid of dentists or do you go often?