Best wishes!!!

It has been quiet over here.

I wish you all best wishes for the holidays!!

(google images)

(google images)


Totally Diva!!!

Seriously, this is what I would call perfection:


I’ve been a fan from Doutzen Kroes for quite some time. I love her looks. I don’t have blue eyes, but If I had, I would certainly try to wear this make up. (maybe I’ll  do it anyway on my brown eyes ).

It has been quite a while.

I know, It has been quite a while ago when I wrote on this blog. Quite busy time over here. School has started again and then I got sick and It was my birthday and then it was summer (again?!) and so on …

I just want to do good at this semester at my course. It’s very hard because although I’m more familiar with dutch (humm I don’t think this sentence sounds correct), its still difficult to understand things at the moment they are being said.

By the way I had wonderful gifts at my birthday. I just feel so blessed by so many good things around me. I got myself asking almost everyday where on earth I deserve all this : )

So now that fall has finally come. Its time to make some wishes right? Im really doubting about buying this:

But not on these colours. I would rather choose somethin more peachy. I think I have nothing yellowish on my closet.

So that’s it for today. I hope you liked!