Day 1

Well, I decided to join the challenge as I’ve mentioned on the previous post and yesterday, 29/04, was day nr 1 : )

What I’ve done:

I’ve wrote down my measurements. (how bad!!!!!!!!!) It made me sad, and at the same time it gave me more than ever the “click” that I need to change my style of life.

workout: 30 min elliptical (at home) + 20 min cleaning the house.

What I ate:

Bad start I would say, but this is one of my favorites belgium snacks. I have to admit that dieting is not really my cup of tea. What I’ve tried the past 8 months since I’m back from Brazil its to reduce the amount of the portions that I eat and like this I’ve lost 5 kg. I’m stuck but I’m also taking medication that doesn’t help me at all to lose weight.

But I really like this idea to do my best, for at least, 30 days.

Beijos xxx


Moving up a little bit

Im one month in front of my final examinations for 2012. A lot of school work to do.

My bird is still sick, we don’t know how long he will live. #sucks

I’ve decided to take the idea from Veronika’s blushing! I want to fit on my clothes again!! Spring hasn’t arrive here yet, so I guess I still have time : ) .

Keep on moving everyone!!!!

Im just around the corner…

It seems that I’ve abandoned this blog. But its not like that people. Just busy and wonderful times .Busy because I’ve succeed one more step at my course and for the moment I have to give MY BEST this semester. So that next year on february I can do my traineeship : ).

wonderful times because I’m just enjoying everyday of my life. Specially now with spring around the corner.

Till next time….



Holidays…. nice days?

1 week holiday from my course.

Time to relax, enjoy the confortable (and warm) sofa, hot chocolate, prepare the wardrobe for the winter … humm so cosy : ) Wel… life in a blog can really be  so wonderful!!

The real thing:

A lot of projects from my course to get ready, study, study and study. Family (not mine) visiting, think, think and think again how to make more money, fitness and…. HOT CHOCOLATE.

Happy halloween!!!!

till next time, até mais!

If you wanna be rich….

You’ve got to be a bitch.

Wel, It would be easy if it would be a course out there teaching you how to become a bitch. And then yeah, how higher the grade the better bitch you are! While there are no courses available, I’m thinking about making a check-list plan to turn myself into a bitch in 1 year. And maybe I’ll share it on my posts over here, and maybe I’ll turn it into a book and get rich and guess what? I would get rich thanks to the BITCHES!!!

Im writing all this because Im pissed. It seems that Im surrounded by bitches. The lowest level bitches!!! But it seems that in the end they always get what they want, so I think I ‘ve got to be a bitch, so simple isnt it?

BTW, totally different subject… you know the best thing of having birthday on a monday? You can celebrate the whole weekend + monday : ) great isn’t it?


Once I’ve heard that the best accessory that you can wear are healthy teeth:

Beautiful teeth suit every make up, every nice outfit and makes one’s mouth more kissable 🙂 . No Im not studing to be a dentist, I’ve just come back from the dentist and I feel so happy to see my teeth healthy and clean!!! And you have to know that I have a dentist phobia. Im always making all kind of excuses to not go to the dentist.

So, last week I was about to buy a very nice lipstick from Dior and then I looked into the mirror and I said to myself: no way! First a dentist’s visit and then I may buy a beautiful and luxe lipstick. How about you, are you afraid of dentists or do you go often?


The start

For the english speakers and the ones who have english as native language: Im very sorry for my mistakes. Im just trying to improve my english and I have no other way to practice it. And I’ll need to write a lot in english during the next months. So please be patient.This will be a long post, but its the first one, so it can be long right?

So what I first want to share with everyone is that Im having THE vacation. After 4 years of hard work here, including a fabulous accomplishment  of the first year of my accounting course, Im having this vacation like almost nobody in the world can have. I’ve been one month with my family, and now Im already one month home just taking care of my pets and yeah…. some studing (french). And guess what? I still have one complete month of vacation.
Sometimes I think where in God’s name I deserve this…. but I’m enjoying it a lot. Im also taking care of myself, like doing diet stuffs, shopping, cooking (my favorite hobby). And I’ve been thinking a lot. There are somethings going around that annoy me, there are things that arent right. Changes are calling me, and Im ready for them.
That’s why I started this new blog. A new beggining. Because in this life we can always start over and over again : ) (If you are comming from my old wordpress blog: thanks for comming to my new blog).
So the summer will be finished more or less within one month and we are having another grey day over here:
And I do believe this interfere in our mood. How do I turn my grey day a little bit more colourful?
For the first time on my vacation I woke up early. And  to stay healthy chek it out what I’ve just prepared for me:
A delicious fruit juice with the fruits that were lost on the fridge. Normally I dont eat fruits, so I have to mix them all. Does anybody there also have this problem? Not eating fruit at all? I dont like the texture…. thats it.
Yesterday I’ve tried some stuff in the kitchen:
I didnt follow any recipe. I just added  some left over and the result was not that bad.
Till next time.