Im just around the corner…

It seems that I’ve abandoned this blog. But its not like that people. Just busy and wonderful times .Busy because I’ve succeed one more step at my course and for the moment I have to give MY BEST this semester. So that next year on february I can do my traineeship : ).

wonderful times because I’m just enjoying everyday of my life. Specially now with spring around the corner.

Till next time….




Sunny day over here

Yeah, from the Sun I can’t complain. It is present.

Yesterday I’ve been to the cinema and when we got out of the cinema’s complex, it was
already so damn cold (is 9° C damn cold for you?). It’s unbelievable but
everytime autumn arrives I completely forget how cold it can be!!

Another thing about autumn is that I get more thoughtful during these days. Well since
its not so long time ago that I’ve first experienced autumn, I consider this
pretty normal, but I hate it. Why do I have to keep thinking how (somehow) my life
is boring here, how alone I am… For the past 2 years I got the closest to what
is called a depression. The  doctor even
prescribed some stuff but I didn’t want that, at least not yet. So I’ve took
some vitamins, yeah sometimes this helps, and I’ve put myself together and I’ve
moved on. But I have to say it’s pretty damn hard. I’m alone here. I mean
besides my boyfriend I have nobody that I can rely on and this scares me. I
want to have friends, but why everybody seems so superficial? I want a family,
well my real family lives about 12 000 km far from me, and, no offense to the Belgium
traditions, but I just can’t understand them sometimes.

At school, I’m doing great, at least I hope, but It’s so boring sometimes, especially
the way they give less. But ok, enough about complaining, I’m happy I’m
learning new stuff and more practical stuff that I’m sure it will be useful at
a future job. Though not easy. And learning French? Oh my god, I really have to
learn it alone!!! And I have nobody to practice it. Vous parlez français?

And the glamourous (finally) part of the post: I’ve bought the icon item of my
autumn/winter wardrobe:

Mine is black!!! This is from only availabre in Belgium and the Netherlands?

Do you like it?

Comming up on next posts: my new lap top, my diet progress and Clinique has surprised me again…

Till next, Beijos!