Just like us…. not exactly

If its cold and snowy outside, we will try to keep ourselves warm and comfortable right? So does Giselle Bundchen:

Just like us, well not exactly, Giselle wants to walk in warm and comfortable snow boots. What I see out there on “fashion blogs” seems so unreal. Almost summer outfits in the middle of the snow….. that is not real life.

If it’s freezing outside or snowy I also wear my snow boots. What about you?


It has been quite a while.

I know, It has been quite a while ago when I wrote on this blog. Quite busy time over here. School has started again and then I got sick and It was my birthday and then it was summer (again?!) and so on …

I just want to do good at this semester at my course. It’s very hard because although I’m more familiar with dutch (humm I don’t think this sentence sounds correct), its still difficult to understand things at the moment they are being said.

By the way I had wonderful gifts at my birthday. I just feel so blessed by so many good things around me. I got myself asking almost everyday where on earth I deserve all this : )

So now that fall has finally come. Its time to make some wishes right? Im really doubting about buying this:

But not on these colours. I would rather choose somethin more peachy. I think I have nothing yellowish on my closet.

So that’s it for today. I hope you liked!


Hi skinny jeans season!

Are you ready for it? Im not! I bought 3 skinny jeans last year and I didnt wear them not even to try outfits in front of my mirror. Lack of self esteem. Lots of unhealthy fat “hanging” over my body. But this is changing. Im working very hard to say: HI!! skinny jeans season with a big smile 🙂

Hope is always there

When I look to my earings I never thought I would be able to make something like humm …. an earing! before. Well I did it, Im kind of new into this bead world but Im loving it. Check it out my new earings:

E dificil de acreditar mas eu nunca pensei que eu fosse capaz de fazer humm brincos!! antes. Ainda é tudo muito novo pra mim mas eu to amando. Olha so minha ultima produção:

The green beads are genuine Swarovski beads. Isnt it beautiful?

Does green represents hope? At least in Brazil it is . So have you ever give up hope?

Verde representa esperança? Pelo menos no Brasil eu sei que é assim. Então você ja desistiu de ter esperança um dia?

And yeah I’ve just added pictures from my chocolate cake from yesterday. I hope you liked it 🙂

Eu coloquei no post anterior as fotos do meu bolo de chocolate de ontem. Delicia total!! Espero que gostem.

Proud to be

Im proud to be brazilian. Im proud to have Gisele Bundchen in one of my favorite brands: Esprit.

Que orgulho que tenho de ser brasileira. Que orgulho é ver Gisele Bundchen na campanha de outono da Esprit. Uma das minhas marcas preferidas.

Gisele stays wonderful!! Nice to see one more work from her.

Thanks to Justjared.