Totally Diva!!!

Seriously, this is what I would call perfection:


I’ve been a fan from Doutzen Kroes for quite some time. I love her looks. I don’t have blue eyes, but If I had, I would certainly try to wear this make up. (maybe I’ll  do it anyway on my brown eyes ).


What a beautiful thing…

I’ve just loved the combination of colors that Olivia Wilde is wearing on her make up and her blouse. Isn’t it beautiful?

Eu amei essa combinação de cores que a Olivia Wilde esta usando na maquiagem e na roupa. Ela arrasou, não?

It’s so delicate but at the same time so chic! I think this is a nice idea for make up for Christmas and New Year’s eve. I love it!!!!

E tão delicado mas ao mesmo tempo tão chic!!! EU acho que é uma otima ideia de maquiagem para as festas de fim de ano que estão se aproximando. Eu adorei a potência elevado a 10!!!! : )


Diva super Diva

Its not difficult to have a diva’s look if you are Irina Shayk. Well, sometimes she wears outfits a little bit doubtful  that take (a little)  her beauty away, making  she looks more vulgar or something. But this white dress its so gorgeous!!!! Perfect combination with her skin colour.  And yeah, red shoes, damn I still have to have a pair of those.
A cool outfit: no accessory. A discrete ring and very intense eye-makeup.
Enjoy your weekend!!!!

Diva’s Look

Im searching inspiration for an event this saturday. It will be on the afternoon so I would like something light, like “this is my skin but better”, got it? So I liked very much this look from Mila Kunis:
Click on the photo to see the make up better.
This make up seems to fit every skin colour in my opinion, and besides I think it goes better with  bold or unusual colours of dresses, like magenta, green, yellow, and so on. Now I’ll search more inspiration.