First week

Well guys, It has been a very busy week. It has been the birthday of my lovely boyfriend and the final week for some classes and final deadlines for reports on school.

Even with all this on my head, I’ve managed to workout 3 times this last week!!! But I’ve also “moved” more. Like walking more instead of taking the bus to go to the station:

But also, I’ve been more active on household during the week. Instead of doing everything on one day, like saturday or sunday, I’ve spread it through the week so I can get the feeling that I’m moving my ass.

The weather here has been very bad lately. So all the extra energy that I was hoping to have from the first warm days of the years hasn’t happened yet. Sucks!!!

23.32 pm now, I should be on my bed already for 1 hour or so. Sleeping better would also help on this 30-“at least”- challenge- days .

Till next time,