Moving up a little bit

Im one month in front of my final examinations for 2012. A lot of school work to do.

My bird is still sick, we don’t know how long he will live. #sucks

I’ve decided to take the idea from Veronika’s blushing! I want to fit on my clothes again!! Spring hasn’t arrive here yet, so I guess I still have time : ) .

Keep on moving everyone!!!!


2 thoughts on “Moving up a little bit

  1. Hey Ana!!

    I’m so sorry to hear your bird is so sick 😦

    As for your comment, yes, it can get pretty chilly here and right now we have days anywhere from -5 to 15 degrees celcius. However, yes, where I work and live, the heat is still on and I wear skirts and open-toed shoes in the winter… but not outside!! My outfits you see are my ‘indoor’ outfits, typically (or maybe it was a slightly warmer day) as I will wear boots and a warm coat to and from work. I also drive which is really nice as I’m not standing outside waiting for a bus in the cold 🙂

    Good luck w your finals!!

    • Thanks for you comment : ). Yeah I guess that having a car, different from me, makes the outfit-choices bigger. I dont have a car, so I have to wait for the bus in the cold,so I prefer to stay warm rather than having nice outfits. I can’t wait to have my car : )

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