If you wanna be rich….

You’ve got to be a bitch.

Wel, It would be easy if it would be a course out there teaching you how to become a bitch. And then yeah, how higher the grade the better bitch you are! While there are no courses available, I’m thinking about making a check-list plan to turn myself into a bitch in 1 year. And maybe I’ll share it on my posts over here, and maybe I’ll turn it into a book and get rich and guess what? I would get rich thanks to the BITCHES!!!

Im writing all this because Im pissed. It seems that Im surrounded by bitches. The lowest level bitches!!! But it seems that in the end they always get what they want, so I think I ‘ve got to be a bitch, so simple isnt it?

BTW, totally different subject… you know the best thing of having birthday on a monday? You can celebrate the whole weekend + monday : ) great isn’t it?


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