The start

For the english speakers and the ones who have english as native language: Im very sorry for my mistakes. Im just trying to improve my english and I have no other way to practice it. And I’ll need to write a lot in english during the next months. So please be patient.This will be a long post, but its the first one, so it can be long right?

So what I first want to share with everyone is that Im having THE vacation. After 4 years of hard work here, including a fabulous accomplishment  of the first year of my accounting course, Im having this vacation like almost nobody in the world can have. I’ve been one month with my family, and now Im already one month home just taking care of my pets and yeah…. some studing (french). And guess what? I still have one complete month of vacation.
Sometimes I think where in God’s name I deserve this…. but I’m enjoying it a lot. Im also taking care of myself, like doing diet stuffs, shopping, cooking (my favorite hobby). And I’ve been thinking a lot. There are somethings going around that annoy me, there are things that arent right. Changes are calling me, and Im ready for them.
That’s why I started this new blog. A new beggining. Because in this life we can always start over and over again : ) (If you are comming from my old wordpress blog: thanks for comming to my new blog).
So the summer will be finished more or less within one month and we are having another grey day over here:
And I do believe this interfere in our mood. How do I turn my grey day a little bit more colourful?
For the first time on my vacation I woke up early. And  to stay healthy chek it out what I’ve just prepared for me:
A delicious fruit juice with the fruits that were lost on the fridge. Normally I dont eat fruits, so I have to mix them all. Does anybody there also have this problem? Not eating fruit at all? I dont like the texture…. thats it.
Yesterday I’ve tried some stuff in the kitchen:
I didnt follow any recipe. I just added  some left over and the result was not that bad.
Till next time.

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